Are You a Real Estate Investor? Here’s What You Should Know in a Crisis

Times of crisis can be very frustrating for everybody but investors might be particularly nervous. You definitely don’t want your investments to decrease in value due to what is going on. It’s going to be best for you to know certain things about crisis situations as a real estate investor. Read on to learn more so that you can make sound decisions.

Having a Plan in Place Matters

Having a plan in place matters when you’re navigating a crisis situation. You don’t need to overreact to changes in the market but you should be mindful of what is happening. What are you going to do if tenants can’t pay rent on time due to the crisis? Knowing what steps you need to take will help you to get things done without wasting time worrying about your financial well-being.

Remember That Landlords Have Responsibilities

Remember that landlords have responsibilities and that they need to think about their tenants. If you’re the owner of certain rental properties, then you’ll need to do everything in your power to keep tenants safe. Also, it’s going to be ideal to try to keep your employees in a good position. It wouldn’t be good to have to fire people due to a crisis and you’ll want to make moves to avoid this if possible.

Times of Crisis Can Create Opportunities

It’s also true that times of crisis can create opportunities if you’re willing to look for them. For example, you might find that you’re able to get certain properties more cheaply months down the line. If you’re able to keep yourself in a good financial position, then you could have many investment opportunities that you can profit off of. Being smart during a time of crisis could pay off in the end.

Remaining Calm Is Best

Remaining calm is truly best when you’re facing down a crisis situation. If you’re new to investing, then you should know that a crisis isn’t the end of the world. Many real estate investors have gone through tough times before due to the housing market crash of the late 2000s. If you remain mindful of what is happening while also doing your best to make smart choices, it should be possible to get through things fine.

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Corporate Social Responsibility: A Driver of the Bottom Line?

Corporate social responsibility is something that many large companies take quite seriously. Although this trend has been more prevalent in recent years, you should know that it’s not anything new. When taken seriously, corporate social responsibility is something that can become crucial to business success. Learn more about corporate social responsibility by reading the information below and you’ll see how it can even impact your bottom line.

Giving Back to the Community

Giving back to the community is a great thing and it’ll definitely help your business in the long run too. You want the community where your business operates to thrive and it’s good if your company can help in some way. Companies often do things such as give to charities and hold special events to help certain causes. A stronger community can lead to a stronger company.

Helping to Build a Better Future

The future matters so much and many companies do what they can to ensure that the future is bright. This means trying to innovate and focus on ways to embrace clean energy, sustainability, and much more. Committing to projects that can help build a better future now can set your company up for the future. It’ll be easier to put your company in a good position for the decades to come when you take corporate social responsibility seriously.

Benefiting Your Brand with CSR

It can’t be ignored that corporate social responsibility is good for your brand. You don’t try to do positive things for the world simply because you want good PR but it is going to be a nice benefit. When you do good things for the community and focus on making responsible choices, people are going to perceive your brand in a more positive way. This can lead to increased sales and more people wanting to give your company a shot.

Helping Your Company Through Diversity

Diversity is something that falls under the umbrella of corporate social responsibility as well. This can help your company in many ways and it definitely makes it easier to appeal to new markets. If you have employees with different backgrounds, then you can turn to them for help and opinions about various matters. History has shown that diversity has been a powerful tool for companies seeking to expand and become more innovative.

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What it Means to Be an Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is something that appeals to many people. You might be thinking about becoming an entrepreneur soon even if you aren’t entirely sure what being an entrepreneur is all about. Read on to learn what it means to be an entrepreneur. You will then have an easier time deciding if this is the right path for you.

Having a Goal

Of course, having a goal is a big part of entrepreneurship and you should have things that you wish to accomplish. Why do you want to start a business and what impact do you want to have on your chosen industry? Entrepreneurs try to change things for the better by providing good services or products to the people. You will also have goals such as creating wealth, helping the community, and building a legacy.

Being Ready to Work Hard

Working hard is crucial when you’re trying to establish your new business. Generally, entrepreneurship is going to involve putting in long hours while you’re trying to get a business up and running. It can detract from your time with family and friends but you’ll be able to feel proud of your work once your company is doing well. If you don’t have a strong work ethic, then entrepreneurship might not be for you.

Leading Others

Leading others is a part of being an entrepreneur too. You’re going to be at the head of your own company and this puts you in charge of the people who you hire. If you want to lead your company to success, then it’s going to be necessary to work on your leadership skills. You have to motivate your people and be ready to lead by example in many ways.

Being Flexible

Flexibility is also something that is very important to entrepreneurial success. The most successful entrepreneurs are capable of adapting to different situations. Markets don’t always stay the same forever and you need to be able to stay flexible so that you can change things up when necessary. Entrepreneurs change with the shifting markets and they always try to remain innovative to attract new customers.

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Mistakes to Avoid as an Entrepreneur

James Mahan New Braunfels Entrepreneur

Becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t always going to be simple, but it’s certainly a worthwhile endeavor. Many new entrepreneurs wind up making certain mistakes that will hold them back, though. Keep reading to learn about the mistakes that you should try to avoid as an entrepreneur. It will help you to get yourself to a better place and find the success that you have been hoping for. 

Not Knowing When to Say No

Biting off more than you can chew is a very bad thing in the entrepreneurial world. You need to know when you’re at your limit and this means saying no to people sometimes. It’s only possible to do so many things at once and not every opportunity is going to be good for you to agree to. Consider getting better at telling people no and recognizing when the time is right to turn people down. 


Perfectionism is something that can hold you back from getting things done. It’s good to be committed to delivering quality products or services, but efficiency is also important. You can’t get hung up on small details because you need to get things finished on time. Find a good balance between doing superb work and being able to get things finished in a timely fashion. 

Cutting Back on the Wrong Costs

Trying to save money as an entrepreneur is good and you should be mindful of what you’re spending. However, cutting back on costs in certain areas will be counterproductive. You have to spend money to keep your business operations going smoothly and it isn’t always good to be stingy with funds. Be mindful of where you can cut costs safely and try to make sound decisions. 

Taking Big Risks

Taking big risks won’t always pay off and you should try to be smart about things instead. Risk is a part of being an entrepreneur, but smart entrepreneurs take calculated risks. You don’t want to put your entire operation in danger in the pursuit of something that might not pay off. Understand the risks that you’re taking and be ready to take risks only when you’re sure that they’re worth taking. 

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Seven Tips for Recovering From a Crisis

James Mahan New Braunfels Crisis Management

Going through a crisis is something that can be very frustrating. It isn’t always going to be easy to determine how to move forward, but you can get through trying times. Examine the following seven tips for recovering from a crisis. They should help you to do the best job that you can while recovering and you’ll be able to feel more confident that you can make it. 

  1. Be Resilient

Being resilient is important when you’re trying to recover from a crisis. You can’t lose hope and give up if you want to be able to get things back to normal. Understand that hard times don’t last and that things can turn around if you put in the effort. 

  1. Keep Yourself Accountable

Accountability is more important than ever when you’re trying to recover from a crisis. Keep yourself in check and be ready to acknowledge the things you have done wrong. You can become a better and stronger individual when you’re willing to hold yourself accountable. 

  1. Be Kind to Others

Being kind to others during a time of crisis is going to make things better overall. You should avoid taking your frustrations out on those close to you and you should instead turn to people for support. Be there for others and they will also be there for you. 

  1. Be Honest

Honesty is going to be much better than dishonesty when you’re trying to get through a tough time. Lies pile up and they’re hard to maintain whereas honesty allows you to get to a better place. Be an honest individual even when it’s tough. 

  1. Be Consistent

Consistency is going to help you out in a number of different ways. Try your best to be a consistent individual who puts forth effort each day. A crisis situation doesn’t have to negatively impact your work ethic and drive. 

  1. Remain Positive

Remaining positive might not seem easy given that you’re going through a crisis. However, you need to know that your positivity in regard to your current circumstances makes a difference. You can make progress and move forward when you maintain a positive attitude. 

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it. No one has to go through a crisis alone and you can always turn to your support system. It’s also smart to get help with work from your colleagues or team members if you need a bit of help with that. 

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Cheap Projects to Boost Your Home’s Value

James Mahan New Braunfels Home Improvements

It’s a good idea to do what you can to boost your home’s value. This is especially true if you’re looking to sell your home at some point very soon. There are actually a number of inexpensive projects that can help to boost your home’s value. Read on to learn about cheap projects that you can undertake to increase the value of your home.

Painting Your Door

Painting your door is something that can add some visual appeal to your home. It’s also not going to cost much money at all to accomplish. Simply remember to paint your door a color that matches up well with the color of your home. It might be smart to also paint your shutters the same color as your door.


Landscaping is going to help your property to have more appeal too. You could go really far with this landscaping project or you could just spruce things up a bit. Planting some new flowers and making your yard look nice is simple enough. It’s also possible to add some beauty to your property by making a patio or adding a walking path of some kind.

Adding New Carpeting

New carpeting could make your house look a whole lot nicer than it does right now. You never want to try to sell a house that has old and unappealing carpeting. If you can’t afford to buy brand-new carpeting for your home at this moment, then you could try to shampoo your existing carpets. This has the potential to bring the carpets back to life and make them look vibrant again.

Caulking Bathtubs and Sinks

Caulking your bathtubs and sinks won’t cost you much money and it’s worth doing. You just need to buy some caulk and use it to make sure that you don’t have any leaks. It’ll make your bathtubs and sinks look more presentable while also improving functionality. Do this before you think about showing your home to potential buyers.

Re-Grouting Tile Surfaces

You don’t necessarily have to install new tile in your bathroom if it looks a bit dingy. Simply re-grouting it will get you good results and it’ll be cheaper. Chip out the old grout and then add in the new grout. It’s a simple enough project for most people and it’s very cost-effective.

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Easy Things to Do to Stage Your Home

James Mahan New Braunfels Home Staging

Staging your home is something that can have a very positive impact when you’re trying to sell it. If you do things the right way, then you’ll be able to make your home that much more appealing. Not everyone is an expert when it comes to home staging, though, and some might feel intimidated about doing this. Thankfully, there are many easy things that you can do to stage your home.

Ensure That Things Are Lit Well

Ensuring that your home is well lit will definitely make things look more appealing. You should try to let natural light into the house by making sure that the curtains or blinds aren’t being blocked by furniture. Open those curtains and blinds while also remembering to keep all the lights on when the home is being shown. It’ll give the people checking out your house a better overall impression.

Clean Everything Thoroughly

Cleaning everything thoroughly is for the best when you want to leave a good impression. Remember to clean things that aren’t normally cleaned all that often. Get in the corners of your rooms and remember to clean light switches, baseboards, doorknobs, railings, and inside your lamps. This will help you to avoid accidentally turning buyers away when they’re checking out everything.

Remember That Less Is More

Staging your home is about making things visually appealing and too much clutter can take away from the appeal of your home. It might be a good idea to eliminate certain decorations or pieces of furniture from various rooms. If things are very cluttered, then it will make rooms seem smaller than they really are. Consider what you can do to open up the space.

Remove Personal Items

It’s also wise to minimize the presence of personal items because you want the potential buyers to be able to picture themselves in the home. Remove family pictures and other personal items from the rooms that are being shown off. It will make it easier for people to imagine themselves living in your home. It isn’t hard to remove your personal items and this can actually help you to declutter certain rooms too.

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Asset Management Tips for Businesses

James Mahan New Braunfels Asset Management

You need to try to do the best job that you can when managing your business assets. This isn’t always going to be simple whether you’re talking about tangible assets or intangible ones. However, you need to do what you can to rise to the occasion and manage these assets well. Keep reading to learn about several asset management tips for businesses. 

Find Reliable People to Manage Certain Assets

One of the best ideas that you can focus on is to find reliable people to manage certain assets. You know that asset management is a crucial aspect of keeping your company safe. If you can find an employee or a team of employees that will manage your assets well, then you can tap them to do so. You just want to make sure that these people are dependable and trustworthy before giving them such an important task. 

Learn About Asset Life Cycles

It’s also going to be imperative to learn about asset life cycles and how they will impact your company. Not all of your assets are going to be permanent ones. Many of them will need to be cycled out or upgraded over time. Do your best to understand your assets and their life cycles so you can make the smartest decisions for your company. 

Track Your Assets

Tracking your assets helps you to ensure that you know where things are at during any given time. You need to focus on asset tracking because losing assets is a real problem for many companies. Have a reliable tracking system in place and you’ll be in a much better position. Also, set up specific times where you’re supposed to look at your assets to ensure that they are where they’re supposed to be. 


Automation can help you when it comes to asset management as well. Many companies have started using automation to handle tasks efficiently and you could save a lot of time by doing this. Automation software can keep track of things such as asset value, depreciation, maintenance, contracts, and much more. If you would like to make things easy on yourself, then consider automating asset management by getting the right software. 

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Mobile Millennials and Their Unique Relationship with Real Estate

James Mahan New Braunfels Real Estate & Millennials

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world in many surprising ways. You’re seeing a lot of people work remotely now due to the circumstances and millennials are a big part of that trend. You see, millennials are very qualified to work remotely because they have the right experience and training to work using computers. This ability to work remotely is also changing the way that they look at real estate.

Breaking Leases

If you don’t need to be in a specific location to work at your job any longer, then why are you staying in one place? This is a question that some millennials are asking themselves at the moment. You might see a trend of more millennials breaking their leases in favor of traveling around. This might seem strange at first but it can be very freeing to be able to not feel shackled to an apartment or house any longer.


Traveling certainly appeals to millennials and it isn’t unusual for millennials to want to travel while working. You can definitely argue that traveling isn’t wise during the pandemic but that doesn’t necessarily stop some people. Traveling and living in an RV or a large van instead of a home is possible. Some millennials choose to live this way and enjoy road trips as they keep on working remotely.

You’ll even find people spending cash on nice AirBnB rentals instead of renting an apartment. They could work remotely from some unique location that they have always wanted to visit. Once they’ve had fun exploring that area, they’re able to move on to do something else. This might seem as if it is a chaotic way of living to some but there are portions of the millennial and Gen Z population that will like this.

Will Millennials Return to Homes?

Will millennials return to wanting to rent or buy homes in the near future? Time will tell and it’ll have a lot to do with how things shake out with the pandemic. Economic uncertainty could keep some people from wanting to commit to things such as mortgages or apartment leases. However, it’s unlikely that most millennials would want to simply travel forever.

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Is Your Unemployment or Severance the Key to Entrepreneurial Success?

James Mahan New Braunfels New Entrepreneur

Wanting to start a business is pretty normal, but it can be hard to figure out how to get things started. Many people can’t figure out what the best time is to pursue an entrepreneurial idea due to not being able to forego a paycheck to make it happen. Could your unemployment payments or severance package be the key to entrepreneurial success? Read on to explore how this situation could help you out in the early days of your business idea. 

Using Your Unemployment Money to Seed Your Business 

It’s certainly possible to use your unemployment money to seed your business if you have enough of it. You’re going to need a certain amount of money to get your business idea off the ground. Try to determine how much you need and then see if your unemployment benefits are enough to make it happen. For most people, this is still going to be tough since you also need to use some of that money to pay your bills and keep on living. 

This is likely going to be a more practical idea for those who are earning more cash. If you were working a lucrative job and received a good severance package, then that money could be very helpful to you. You can use that cash to buy things that you need for your business while also taking care of your personal expenses. It all comes down to how much you need, how much you have, and how much you can afford to spend. 

You Could Keep Working Too

It’s possible to keep working while pursuing a business idea as well. There are many entrepreneurs who work on business ideas on the side while maintaining a corporate job to keep money coming in. It won’t be as easy to dedicate time to a business idea if you have to work a normal job, but it will keep the lights on. If you can slowly build your business idea until it’s ready to go, then you will mitigate the risk to your personal financial well-being. 

Saving cash over time might be safer than trying to use your unemployment to pay for your business idea. You could try to bank extra cash to use as business funds. It might take a long time to save up what you need by going this route, but it would be substantially safer than trying to use a small sum of money in a short period of time to launch a business. Consider your options and how much cash you’re making before moving forward with anything. 

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