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Welcome to theWordPress by James Mahan, of New Braunfels,!

James Mahan is a finance professional from New Braunfels, Texas. He is an owner and Principal of South Texas Capital Advisors, an asset management firm. Aside from his work in the finance industry, James Mahan also works in real estate on various development projects throughout New Braunfels. Learn more about James by visiting his website and be sure to check out his latest blog posts below!

Latest Blogs by James Mahan, New Braunfels

Appraisal Required Repairs: What Should I Do?

Home prices mostly influence a property’s appraisal value in your local area. However, other factors, such as the amenities and condition of the home, can also influence the value. Namely, you might find that an appraisal comes back low if a home needs repairs. As a homebuyer, you may have heard of the term “appraisal required repairs”…

The Dallas-Fort Worth Housing Market in 2023: 4 Expert Opinions

5-6 months of supply – that’s how a balanced housing market is frequently defined. Any less than that suggests a seller’s market; a situation where sellers have the advantage in housing deals. Over 6 months of supply is a buyer’s market, as there are many properties to choose from. So, where does the Dallas housing market sit…

6 Companies Like Offerpad: Here Are Your Best Alternatives

iBuyer companies like Offerpad buy nearly 1% of the US market’s homes annually. And this market share keeps going up. Why? iBuyers and companies like them are making it easier than ever to buy and sell a home. Yet, with so many alternatives to Offerpad out there, it can be difficult to choose the right company. Today,…